The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

Holiday Goods--Shop Update

Monday, November 26, 2012

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.  Admit I still am not 100% even 7 weeks after the surgery, exhausted from the 4 day weekend, but my 18lb turkey was moist and had little leftovers! 
Trinket bags or ornaments.  I would nestle them in my tree.

I did a citrus blend inside the turkey of cut up lemon, lime, green apple, onion, and a sprig of rosemary.  DH ate all the little oranges before I could add one of those too.  Toss in a few pats of butter (with salt).  Olive oil and butter mixture rubbed on the skin of the bird with a heaping of Herbs Provence.  YUM! 
Handmade cone --isn't that ceramic bird just sweet?  Her nest is made from a vintage wool baby's sweater nestled with velvet flower and some vintage red ribbon which can easily be removed for use year round.  You must check out the script paper on the cone. 
 Cashmere wreaths!

After working part time at Belk when I was in college permanently deterred me from shopping on Black Friday ever again. I remember vividly working till 11pm and then having to be there at 3:30am (a few hours away) for my next shift.  I swear I didn't even look at trinkets for years over that.   Luckily we now have the internet! 
I made a few goodies for the Shop and hope you are enjoying.

 All these flowers are hand stitched.  I sit on my back screened in porch and just enjoy the sounds as the flowers meld and shape as I put in tiny stitches.  All are made from new to vintage/antique scraps, linens, hankies, fabrics.  They then are joined together to make these flower gardens for permanent viewing.  I made 2 small and 2 large.  One with a white cotton and the other a linen color background.  No two are alike and will never be duplicated.

This was my inspiration --all about the natural.  Little one and I did a hike in our back woods and came up with these.  Can you believe we couldn't find one long needle pine? I miss those from my northern woods.  All the ones in the South here in Greenville are so spindle(y) and a billzion feet off the ground.  I know those are words, right?
One more, a pretty cone for using some mixed greens and whatever you desire.
More creative endeavors will be coming soon. 
How was your long weekend? I did support some local shops and was pleasantly happy with all my Christmas goods.  I NEVER do that good in one weekend :)

Take care,

4 Sweet Thoughts:

  1. Goodness I love every single one of them! Such talent!!

  2. Love all the things you have come up with, they are just beautiful. We went to others homes for Thanksgiving so I am still waiting to cook my bird, good to know about the Herbs of Providence I have that blend but haven't used it yet. I will now:)

  3. Hello...You are very talented. Wow. Those cashmere wreaths are amazing. I will definitely be stopping again. Have a wonderful day.


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