The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

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Welcome to sharing our life journey with me and my sweet little girl where we create simple beauty in our tiny part of the world through art, crafts, DIY and home decorating, food, and a ton of giggles.

The story goes this girl named Kris went to art school during the late 80's--had the big hair (seriously how much did we spend on hair product then!)--then that hair who was its own identity went spiky and super short! Maybe a touch of that blue color too...

After twists and turns the road brought this transplant to South Carolina and it became home in the late 90's.  One sweet little girl arrived after many years of infertility in 2007.  

Fast forward to today, this Mom works full time in the corporate world slaving away writing reports and is that number cruncher person who most avoid--a far cry from the creative world.  This is my journey to find my creative soul whose light was dimmed moons ago. 

Oh, and don't forget we always have cupcakes with LOTS of sprinkles to take with you! A must in our little family and me, lots of coffee.....

Love to have you join the journey--talk to you soon!

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