The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life


Sunday, February 12, 2012

A need to get out of this town and hit the big city, of Atlanta, even for a few hours was needed for some soul recharging and a bit of fun family time.  There is just something about driving into a city and seeing the beauty of the skyscrapers that makes my heart pitter patter.  When we lived near Philly, it was the same way.  Does that make me a city girl at heart?

Little one loved the Aquarium --crazy busy as it was Saturday but fun.  The Beluga's are absolutely beautiful and I could spend a lot of time just watching their giant gracefulness. Peace was the word that came to mind.

These little guys were a hoot and putting on wonderful fun for all the camera's.

The really cool part is the underwater walkway and seeing all the different species co-habitate with each other.  The guide stated that there is sometimes an 'unwanted snack' by the bigger one's.  Ohh...that's not nice fish business :)  He stated they feed them all ALOT.
 The whale shark was 30 FEET long--can't even think about that one.

This guy was really smiling at me, kinda scary! Freaked little one out.

This sting ray had to have been 6 feet wide, it was HUGE. 

All in all, I even enjoyed the 2 hour car ride there and back.  Yeah, it was needed that bad.

So today, I stood in my craft studio door and stared.  Yeah, stared, at the heaps and the mounds, papers, ribbons, buttons, artist pads, pencils, yadda-yadda.
and it sometimes takes a bit of this to get that.

A bit of inspiration for Spring 2012.  Really, winter decides to show Feb 11 in the South?!
Here's to winter weather this week--no excuse for me not to have a hot toddy to warmeth my little soul.  Come on over, I'll make you one too and we can stare through the door into my studio. Yeah, its that bad.

2 Sweet Thoughts:

  1. So glad you had time to get away! We are heading out of town this weekend for some much needed time away. Heading to Nashville to visit our oldest daughter. Even though she has a new car, she doesn't like to drive down the mountain that much after her accident. (and I miss her like crazy)
    Looks like you have some lovely inspiration to play with, and I know some more will be arriving soon. :)
    Happy Valentine's day!
    xoxo, Cerri

  2. PS, love the cute photo of the penguins! :)


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