The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

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Monday, June 6, 2011

As the little girl from Phineas and Ferb for the past 6-7 weeks we have been enjoying our summer --tons of outdoor 'stuff' and the like.  Oh, dealing with 3 major issues-2 with the house and the other the car--yikes it seems like I was writing a check every day for 3 weeks straight! I'm still in sticker shock at the prices for items now.  Last week we went to Miami for a few days to visit the in-laws and it was cooler there then here! Geez, I'm ready for this 97 degree weather to leave.  It was sad to see all those abandoned sky rises or shells with empty windows in downtown Miami..I know there a few major cities probably seeing this same effect. 
I have squeezed in some time to take the Christy Tomlinson class and now taking her journal class. It's been interesting--the techniques--using products I never would of thought of.  She does use a lot of black and that has been a little intimidating to incorporate.  Working to find my own style..I thought I would share my first products:

The 'Blossom and Grow' one is more to my color range ---I have decided my camera and I do not have a love for each other as you can tell from the pics.  Maybe its me (and I've read that manual dozens of times) but its time to look for a small compact one that will work fine for the art too.  Any suggestions on the one's you use?

Off to meetings and little one to pre-school summer adventures,
I promise to be back soon!  I am LOVING this Pinterest site and lots of decorating blogs--getting in that mode since its so hot outside.
Till nex time,

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  1. Hi Kris! Love your art it's so pretty! I might have to sign up for a Christy Tomlinson class! The camera I use is a Panasonic Lumix. It's a affordable and great camera!


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