The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

Dreaming of an old fashioned summer

Monday, May 2, 2011

Here in the South, early summer has arrived, 80's with big fluffy clouds and a breeze to billow the blinds.  A reprieve for the long summer heat and humidity for the next 6 months.  The first signs of summer is the request to buy sweet tea for the fridge (Northern transplant here), popsicles, and drumsticks.  Remember those? Ice cream cones, gooey chocolate, and nuts--all melting at once.  Lick the fingers kind of fun.  The tinkling of the ice cream truck as it rounds the corner wafting through the windows.  Planting season is almost over here with the brutal sun and long spells with no rain.   Dreaming of my hydrangeas--everything this year has pittered out quickly; not sure if it was the cold winter, or hot/cold spring.

These days I spend outdoors, sitting on the porch, sipping coffee and listening.  Trying to be 'present'.  I recently read a blog that spoke of this and it really resonated with me.  Trying to remember its okay for the house to be dusty w/ fur balls and pollen while I go play pre-school soccer in the yard, or sit on the swing and we both fall back laughing.  Running in the hall and giggling like a kid.  Working not to be stressed all the time over work matters, worrying that my art, is well, art.  All the while not physically feeling up to par... I will 'be present' as time is quick running and it would be sad to know I missed the moments not captured on camera. 

As time meanders this summer..I will work on my painting.  I thought Christy's workshop was great--lots of energy.  Two! have been started...but no stress to get them done.  My sketch book, sticky pads, and anything that has a little space is currently where my thoughts go.  I may not get to them all, or it may be years from now but creativity is ageless and I will be 'present' for my sweets little years--she will be all grown up before I know it.

Showing you a few pictures of the items just loaded up in my Etsy shop.
May you have a sticky sweet and drippy Summer ---Enjoy it...moments are precious.

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  1. Hi Kris! I feel exactly like you right now! I feel like I'm such a perfectionist and I'm my own worst critic sometimes. The house doesn't have to clean 24 hours a day, my garden will never look like a Cottage Gardens magazine cover, and I need to STOP worrying about what other people think of my "art." I just need to enjoy the creative process more and go outside and enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds us all! Have a great day Kris!


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