The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

You Are My Sunshine

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday, AGAIN! Doesn't time fly when its not a work day?! I have to travel this week so little one and I spent some time crafting and painting.  She is quite the artist :)  I bought a new magazine Creative Spaces while looking for preschool craft items at Michaels last week.  Ohh...lot's of envy there.  Juice flowing now to re-do my space (aka spare bedroom). to do it on a 'no' budget concept.  I've been perusing the contractor's dump it sales on Craigslist for ideas (I live in SC where housing was at an all time high when the economy tanked--lots of items know floating out there).  I am definitely taking a cue from several who set up a small area for their little ones.  Keep you posted!

In the previous post I had begun trying some new mixed media concepts that Christy Tomlinson's class taught.  I did one more based on her concepts and little one scarfed it and put in her playroom already.  You can not see the detail but the bird I pieced together bit by bit with some dimension added in the tail and body.  Aptly name Sunshine and Blue Skies....Love that peaceful concept it congers up in the mind.  Laying in a field with lots of puffy clouds with the sun warming your face.

I love the idea of paint with stamps and used it alot with this one.  Today I added a touch of paint with the techniques learned. 
You Are My Sunshine
This sweet collage with the vintage girls, vintage daisy and velvet leaves..and the butterflys..
Love how this came out.

Lastly some new tags that I have been working on with a vintage feeling with my love of sweet children and the soft feel of the colors.

How is everyone's summer going?  Any plans for a vacation?  None for us this summer; fall maybe.  I plan on doing projects to the house--painting is on the top of the list. 
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  1. HI Kris! I love all of your creations! So pretty!


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