The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

Sharing some Fall- Welcome

Monday, October 15, 2012

I must prelude this post with that I went all out and used COLOR! I know! Let's enjoy it while it lasts.  I think it has to do with little one really starting to enjoy apple picking, pumpkin patches, and Halloween.  Non scary--we like the cute.  I dug out my faux sunflowers, pumpkins, and then added a few new Halloween goodies since I haven't decorated for it much before now.

Our front porch received a few pumpkins and the sweet owl peeking out in the back with the lantern.  I am lucky my pots are going strong still from summer.  I switched out a geranium for the rudbeckia for some Fall color.  I seriously need to root that sweet potato vine its going crazy!

When you first walk in, this farmhouse frame is to the right.  I ADORE this.  I found the window frame with metal attached, then added a faux painted pot, then I bought this greenery at Real Deals.  Do you have one of these places?  Its only open 2 days a week and the inventory rotates quickly.  Reasonable prices and lots of great pieces.  Okay, back to this greenery.  Although its faux, the color is what attracted me--bright and sunny. Its soft and mendable.  Little one helped me add some Fall pine cones, putka pods, faux berries, and a touch of burlap.

For the Holidays, I plan to change out with real greenery, and maybe some holly and berries.

The entrance/hallway:
We have serious allergies not even counting with live in the highest pollen area around so I have a living plant in each room.  It really helps keep the air clean.  The bowl was a find from a local dealer--she added milk paint.  I really love these signs that the are rage.  I actually bought this first which is where the color scheme came from for the Fall decorations. 

 I just love this pumpkin guy, vintage style goodness :) Another find at Real Deals.
Come on in to the living room.  Its so difficult to photograph, its north facing and the windows we do have open up to the screened in porch.  I would love to have an unlimited budget and re-do the fireplace and add 2 windows one on each side.  Gosh, it would be so bright.  Sigh...
I made the garland from grapevine and various Fall flowers, berries, and pine cones I picked up at a local store similar to the dollar store.  Its bright and I'm still not sure I am loving it but will keep up for now. 
The wheat is simply bundled with burlap and a carmel satin ribbon.  Wheat is my all time favorite.  I have another project I am working on for my Thanksgiving table.  I will share next month.
Yes, that is Winnie the Pooh.  I collect illustration art and you will see glimpses of my non traditional art.  Art is my first love.  My first degree was a Fine Arts one.  Just a glimpse of my eclectic taste. 
My little one loves this sweet ghost which we found at a local gift shop.  This little bunny is one of my favorites and she is always out. 

I really struggle with the red clay brick and the giant hearth.  It takes up so much of the space.  I plan to add some birch logs to the fireplace.  The screen is Mammoth with a capital.  I had to search and search to even get something to fit that ugly black hole.  Seriously 2 ginormous Santa's could come down the chimney.  The house was built 20 yrs ago--must have been the style then.  I always check out our for sale listings and the builder was famous for this fireplace.  My other house had a tiny fireplace --this is giving me the fits.  Any suggestions are welcome.

Up next is my kitchen/eat in area next and my DR/office.  I also will show you the 2 wreaths I made. 

Those looking for my painting/art--bear with me--my inspiration has been taken elsewhere lately.

Thanks for taking the time for me to share a little of my home.

Take care, Kris
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  1. Love your nature accents, the ivory leaf runner and fall sign in the entry - but most of all I love the window frame with the greenery. So beautiful!


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