The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

Think, think, think....

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I've been feeling a lot like Pooh lately with my hand taping my head going Think, think, think!  You just get in those ruts personally and professionally at times.  Directions, possibilities, much too little time.  Swirling around like cream in your coffee just not blending all together.  answers? not sure of those.. how do you know if its knocking or scratching that you hear, which do you listen too...think, think, THINK. 

What do you do at these times?  Me, I spend time in books, magazines, good wine, fine coffee, and buying myself a beautiful bouquet of cottage roses from our local Fresh Market.  These beauties will be dried and set aside for future projects (you will see below).

A challenge was needed.  I joined one of Danielle's swaps, always vintage, but this one A Bird in the Hand.  The interesting part is that its limited to 10 players and not knowing who is in the challenge.  You send to Danielle who then ships you back another.  This allowed me to make it my own.  The challenge was a 5x5 collage and a handmade bird nest.  Lately as I looked around my home, my tastes have become more closer to neutrals, natural elements, and french inspired design ideas.  Romance blends in the form of soft feathers, fresh flowers, and soft pastels.  My inspiration came from these.
My parents live in the country and my dad leases multi hundreds of acres so I asked him to be on the look out for a real bird nest.  He found one abandoned and as I had never taken the time to look at one up close to study.  It was amazing.  The intricate blends of small twigs, fluff from it appears to be a pillow or dryer lint, tiny tiny weaving to make a beautiful and soft bed for the little ones.  It was so delicate that it fell apart when my Dad moved it but I used pieces of it, along with mosses, and twigs. 
I adore this nest I made and honestly very hard to part with but off she went.  The softness came in from french inspired stamped muslin that I tattered somewhat and ruffled.  The challenge was to have 3 eggs which I utilized paper craft ones stamped with French writing.  Other 'eggs' were vintage silver/grey beads, one of my dried roses and real feathers tucked in.  The base was to be sturdy so I secured the nest on an antique photo card embellished with vintage ledger paper.  An antique doily ruffled/tattered with more vintage silver/grey beads. This could represent the ledge/soft landing the nest rests on.
I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge.

The 5x5 collage base is made from illustration board.  I used acrylic paints and stamps blended together for the background then added a soft glaze like paint that gave it some shimmer.  The vintage birds are from cards.  I wanted the nest to represent a softness too along with all the different items birds gather to make their nest.  More muslin, tattered and shaped, an antique button and bead, vintage sheet music curled, and other tiny items.  The only thing I couldn't decide on was to add some words like many collage/mixed media do.  I like this result but give my your thoughts?  Natural elements came in when my little one and I went in search of the 'perfect' twig to make the hanger from.

As I took pictures this weekend, I realized maybe stress and thinking break me out of my box.  I hope whomever receives enjoys them as much as I enjoyed putting them together.
To further challenge myself I decided to take an online mixed media class which starts on the 11th.  There are so many out there but I selected this one because she utilizes so many different textures, elements, stamps, stencils, pastels, etc.  I am actually excited about this!

She offering a new journal class too. 

Off to bath the little one and jammie time!
Take Care,

5 Sweet Thoughts:

  1. Danielle always hosts good swaps! And you will have one happy partner, that is quite nice.

  2. The nest a beautiful!! You are the winner of my earring giveaway on my blog. Email me with you info -


  3. Kris, you did a beautiful job as always on this swap!

  4. So pretty as usual, Kris!
    I went by Cristina's blog today, and saw the beautiful basket you put together for her. It is gorgeous! You have such a good eye.

  5. Oh Kristen- I was the very lucky recipient of your beautiful nest and collage... and it is soooo lovely. Apologies for not getting back to you sooner- I actually recieved it a few days ago (we seem to have been the 'sick' house for the past 2 weeks. yuck!!!)
    Your blog is wonderful and I'll be following it closely to see what new and fabulous things you post. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart- I will treasure both pieces always. xoxoTerri


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