The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

Flea Market Petite Inspiration Swap and Sunday goodness

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I just had to show you the flower rosette I made for each of the ladies in the swap--what fun that was but it was definitely some work and sewing involved.  I most likely took it the hard way but I do love the result.

Hope everyone's weekend is going well.  I'm definitely missing my hour already :)  It's 4:30 Sunday afternoon and I can not believe it--ton's of stuff to do yet.  It was spring clean weekend here--this big old house sure get's dusty--I now know we have WAY to many chandeliers and lights.  Little one has been really sick the past week with fever, cough and such; spent time with Grammy and me for about 4 days and now Mom and I are both sick.  Ahh, but its Spring here in the South!  I pulled out my early Spring wreath, planted some pansy's in the window boxes, moved the Johnny Jump Ups to the ground to spread some love and now I'm here with my coffee enjoying the breeze and the 68 degree weather. DH took little one up to our pond to feed the ducks and play on the playground.  Kids bounce back like that!

On to the good stuff:
I joined in Heather's Petite Inspiration swap--Flea Market edition.  I just love working with the small inspiration pieces and would like to share the wonderful pieces I received from my beautiful partner's, Michelle and Lorraine.

Michelle's --Beautiful box with lovely papers, tags, ribbon, and sweet tid-bits; just thinking of all the history in those vintage pieces.  What a wonderful box--thank you so much Michelle!
I had to borrow Michelle's picture of the outside--mine did not come out.  I took pictures during our monsoon rain for about a week. 

Soft, vintage, sweet flowers, birds, and papers, and the little tiny treasures all tucked in.  So lovely, thank you Lorraine!

This is what I made for these lovely ladies:
I loved making the homemade rosette out of vintage pieces and lots of different textures.  The sweet bird embellished too.

Till next time,

12 Sweet Thoughts:

  1. it was MY pleasure to be your swap partner kris. your box is just gorgeous and i will always treasure it! merci...merci!

  2. what a cute blog! love the things on the pics very much! best wishes and a sunny day! di

  3. Hi Kris! Your creations are beautiful as usual! Have a great day!

  4. Beautiful Swaps, you girls outdid yourselves, everything looks so beautiful! I am sure glad I stopped by today! I am now a new follower. oxox, Diane

  5. oh my these are so darn adorable! I am so sad I missed this. Everything is so sweet!

  6. Kris,
    I hope you were all able to kick that cold! I hate colds. Gah. My kids are always coming home with something interesting from the kids at school. Isn't nice how they all share their germs?
    I love the boxes you sent. They rosettes turned out gorgeous, and I know just what you mean about making more work than is necessary 'cause I do it, too. Sometimes things are worth the extra work; your rosettes are proof! :)
    The boxes you received are stunning, as well! Just stunning.

  7. I loved swapping with you Kris. You created a lovely box and all the extra goodies are wonderful. I ador ehe sweet flower that you made and plan to put it on a favorite purse of mine.

    Thank you so much.

    Hopefully I will post the wonderful things I got soon!

  8. I popped over from Lorraines to see the little box she created for you. I love it and I love the pretty one you sent her. The rosettes are darling!

  9. What a darling flower, it was a fun swap too!

  10. Kris, you spoiled your partners! I LOVE all that you sent them, and am really wishing I hadn't missed this swap. Your partners also sent lovely things to you. Looks like it was a great swap all around!

    Cerri xoxo

  11. What a great swap, Kris. I really love the rosettes that you created.

  12. just beautiful! such a fun swap, wasn't it? xoxo


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