The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

Christmas Past, Joli Stocking Swap and Projects

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm feeling the yucks and DH has just now got our computer up and running after upgrading it the past 2 weeks.  Sigh--so this won't be very long.

How was everyone's Christmas?  That month blew by like that 3inch snow we got on Christmas Day! First time in over 47 years.  My little one didn't want anything to do with it--gonna be a Southern gal with bare feet and warm weather.  She said Mommy look they are throwing snow and building a snowman across the street.  Mom- hmmm, deep in thought reminiscing about growing up in the North.  Wanna go, I said?  Little one--Nope! too cold.  At 3!  Sigh...I WANNNA GO!  Too late now--one nice thing about South Carolina it's gone the next day :)

Cindy, from Junque Art, was my partner.  What a beautiful stocking she gave me with all the trimmings.  Isn't it cool?  I LOVE it so much.  Thank you Cindy!

Just a peek at what I made for Cindy.

My sweet friend, Cerri, shared this idea for making some ornaments with my little one.  Aren't they cute? One to Grammy and one for us.  Thank you Cerri for the idea (and I still had baby jars hanging around-sad thought!)  All I was allowed to do was add the bows--quite a crafty one in the making!

I made this one for my Mom while little one was busy with all kinds of crafty projects. I love the different textures--dyed doily, simple stich of the linen picture and vintage doo-dads. 

Well, lots more projects to show but that will have to wait until next time. 
Till then,

3 Sweet Thoughts:

  1. So glad you had a white Christmas!!! So sorry little one didn't want to go out. So glad you like your stocking! I LOVE mine. Thank you so much! I'll try to post pics soon. Hope you feel better. Happy New Year!!

  2. Lots of pretty things here!
    Love the ornaments you and your little sweetie made! They turned out perfect!
    I adore the beautiful ornament you made your Momma. You should put some in your shop like that. :)
    The stocking you made for Cindy was gorgeous too!
    I hope Christmas was wonderful for you and your family Kris!
    I'm hoping 2011 brings us some time to get to meet each other!
    Cerri xoxo

  3. Everything looks so pretty! I don't blame your little one for not liking the snow, My husband and I can't stand it! It is a dream for both of us to move to South Carolina (You are so lucky!) It all depends on one thing.........JOBS! I hope that you and your family have a safe, healthy, and happy New Year!


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