The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mommy as it came floating out of the speakers said my little one.  I normally have complete silence when I create but it was a day for classical to fill the air and tinkle out the open windows on this beautiful Fall day in SC..perfect high 60's blue skies.  A day to be happy and thankful for the warmth and coziness of creating together (or making messes is more like it :)

I made this sweet a little shabby Christmas book mainly out of coordinated scrapbook papers.  I admit on those days when time is fleeting it's quick to put together these little books for future journals or simply happy holiday pictures.
Below are the Front and Back of the little book.

A couple of the inside pages:

I managed to have a few hours to myself so I headed to a local antique mall with various local dealers.  I love to look and historically just did that due to limited space to be able to collect a lot of items.
Now that I have room to put my favorite things to collect, I picked up some gorgeous books.  I tend to collect children's books prior to the 1960's as the illustrations are so detailed.  These are somewhere in the late 1800's and though they are not in pristine on the edges; the colors and paper are still wonderful. Look at that handwriting that was in the first page. I spent a long time just looking at all the books; picturing who held these books; what they were wearing, --I tend to daydream about all these items. I guess it's one way to preserve the past and thank whomever for keeping these 100 yr old books for future people to enjoy. 

Last a wonderful illustrations book by Kate Greenway from 1946.  It's rough but the inside illustrations are in awesome shape.  I so can't wait to create with these!

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday; I'm cooking the big 22lb turkey for about 10 people.  Today is my Friday and then I'm off to play with glitter and paint with my little one :)
Oh, if you haven't check out Hope and Kari's course Winter Stories.  I'm also working on my manifesto for the class.  My book is actually going to be a sketch book as I am pushing myself to work on my painting and illustration work again.  My cover hasn't appeared yet--I hope that comes out of this tired brain too!

1 Sweet Thoughts:

  1. Kris, I love the scrapbook you made! Was it from a kit? Such happy, fun colors.
    I have several of those really old illustrated children's books myself. They're wonderful. (in fact, the image on my mica flakes came from one of those books)
    Glad to see you creating.
    I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful!
    Cerri xoxo
    PS! Your wonderful tags arrived in the mail today. I had purchased them to put on packages for my Mom's birthday, but they're so wonderful I think I might have to keep them. Just gorgeous work! Thank you! (I'm hoping you make some more...)
    Cerri xoxo


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