The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

Preppy Sweet Pink & Green Birthday

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My sweet little one turned 3 today, 10/10/10.  Listening to the numerologist on the Today show this morning indicated this was a celebration day.  Her's turned into a weekend of fun and with this being her first 'kid' party, it was even more special.  I am so grateful to Him for allowing me to enjoy this special little girl in my life and the weekend ends with her sweetly yawning from all the activity and watching her favorite movie.

She picked out the preppy girl theme and how much fun it was to gather ideas together from some of these great design blogs out there.  In the end, it was simple and sweet with the cake as the centerpiece.

The cake came from a local bakery, Couture Cakes of Greenville, besides beautiful they are also delicious!
I highly recommend them for any event you are having. 

The color scheme developed from this sweet cake topper from MadebyJackie which we used as a topper in the flowers.  Everyone loved this arrangement.  She also made her the banner below.

The weekend was wonderful and the Southern fall showed itself in its glory with a cool morning and warming up to a nice 80 degree day; even today was the same beautiful sky.  The party ended up on our very large screen porch--aren't they so sweet :)  The food was ham and turkey sandwichs, mac & cheese, and crackers with fruit.  They enjoyed it so much.

We ordered her invitations from Digipixils and I came up with the little saying for it. This is just the sample as the other has personal info on it.

Our goodies bags one filled with candies and the other a recycled bag with a water bottle.  I'm all about trying to help the environment as much as possible.  We found them at Old Navy, inexpensive but oh so cute-but being that 3 of them were boys we went with a gender neutral bag and bottle :)

They bounced and played, swang, and played in the sand.  I enjoyed seeing her so happy; the kids ended up
staying later than anticipated and did not want to leave.  She slept like a baby for her nap all curled up in a ball on the couch with me and I gratefully rested for an hour and just appreciating that I was able to help bring her happiness with a real understanding of what motherhood is all about. 
Happy Birthday my sweet little one.

Thanks for letting me share a little of this weekend.  Today we did the Zoo ( a small local one), pumpkin patch, and brunch.  Jammies and milk time.

2 Sweet Thoughts:

  1. All of the decorations and cake look adorable Kris! I love it all!
    Hope her birthday was wonderful, she is such a cutie!
    Cerri xo

  2. What a pretty party! Happy birthday to your little one, and I hope the date was a lucky one for her!


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