The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

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Monday, October 25, 2010

I was in a serious slump after putting together little one's party several weeks ago and some serious long haul time in my day job (can you say crunching numbers for hours as a time--I think I've been chained to my office!).  I was bone tired.  Okay--now you are thinking analytics and creative (yes I do have headaches most days as both sides fight for being front runner in my brain!)  It's not my love, art is but it pays the bills and allows me the luxury of buying my sweet vintage goodies.  Yesterday I slipped into my craft room while she slept and stood there...tick tock...starting moving 'stuff' around --just looking at the little piles I had been gathering and the start and stops of several project.  I haven't been very motivated for Fall projects at all! Very unusual for me as I love this time of year.

I opened the windows, pulled up the blinds to let all that sunshine in, and listened to the quiet...slowly the baubles and trims came together and since I've recently found the new love of 'petite' worked on a Romantic inspired box and goodies--which is now in my Etsy shop.  I decided it was time to move forward and share a few of my creations.  Please let me know your thoughts-- I have sketched a sweet logo but now I'm stuck and need to find a web person.  I am NOT that person--for some reason the computer part of this stuff is work to me maybe its the 9 hours of analysis-crunching numbers-tables that it reminds me off.  Let me know of any recommendations to help me get that little logo computerized. 

Enough brooding--back to the art:

Ohh, la la--Romance Petite Inspiration for you :)
Goodies in the Romantic Petite Set:

A French Inspired tag with pretty bobby pins--also in my Etsy shop

Sweet romantic tags --I just love the natural textures with the softness of lace and linen--also in my Etsy shop.
I feel a little more back on track--well except for this sinus stuff that seems to be ramping up!  I'm off to watch the one goofy show I do watch-Chuck (I am married to the ultimate geek squad)--it's so stupid it makes me laugh most times and some days you just need that-fluffy .  Oh and off to share some pumpkin sugar cookies I made yesterday afternoon too!

7 Sweet Thoughts:

  1. OOOOOoooooo!!! *sigh* Just gorgeous!!

  2. Kris,
    Wo-o-ow! I love the kits you've put together! They are gorgeous! I wish I had some extra pennies to spend! I so love that romance petite kit in your shop.

  3. Hi Kris!

    Thanks so much for popping by my Blog. The welcome mat is always out!

    I am loving the's total eye candy!


  4. Hi Kris!!! Not sure if you remember me, but we were in a swap together in the spring.... I'm so glad you finally opened an Etsy store!!! You make the most amazingly sweet creations! I am going to try really hard not to buy out your store before everyone else has a chance to see your goodies! :) In reference to your sketch, you may want to ask Holly Abston about how to digitize it. Her website is (although, I'm sure you've heard of her already!). Happy hump day- only a few more days of those crunchy numbers :)

  5. What great items, I'd think anyone would be inspired by them.

  6. oh my goodness such LOVELY CREATIONS! Stunning! You have such an inspiring blog! I have you on my reader list, I will be back :)

  7. Hi Kris,
    Your work is beautiful! I'm off to check out your Etsy store. Have a beautiful Sunday. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. Good to find your blog.


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