The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life


Monday, May 17, 2010

is here in South Carolina and along with it came the summer FLU (capitalized as it has hit all 3 of us-Little one gave it to Mommy last week, now it's Daddy's turn). Ugh--nasty stuff.
Oh friends, please tell me why when Big D gets it; he is absolutely dying, whining, and CAN'T help-'cause I'm soooo sick'--did you hear the moaning when I typed it?! Seriously, I still had to work FT, clean, cook, and take care of little one AND I would get that look if I stated I was to tired to do something-breathing-breathing---so you can tell I gave no sympathy back this past weekend. Humphh..

Before sick camp started, this was what I HAD been doing:

My feeble attempt at flower arranging. I absolutely adore flowers and digging. It soothes my soul. It's hanging on my front porch. Little one was excited but big D stated 'we'll see how long that lives'. Sigh..yes, I don't have a green thumb. I try and try and try--just like the little engine that could.

Check out my vintage glider and chairs that I scooped off Craigslist for a sweet $120 for ALL! Vintage, perfect condition! I had been searching for the 'perfect' furniture for my new front porch (previous owner's had tiled the front porch & it's wide Southern style). Saturday morning--there they are--shoot the email. Sunday morning at 9am (yes LOL!) I shove the cash in DH hand and off he goes. Nice elderly couple downsizing. I'm drooling over the vintage style pillows from Pottery Barn that will nicely go with them. I'm also working on finding some tiny tables to be on each side. Little one wouldn't move out of the picture and is pointing ' a doggie, a doggie, A DOGGIE!' --OKAY I see him. .. 2 3/4 yr old--very insistent.

After that little one and I worked on Grandma's Mother's Day flowers (every year I get her a different type and from the one of our local nursery's-Martin's) This year they had a gorgeous double begonia in the deepest shade of red. Mom loves a variety of romantic, country. The strawberries are made from wool felt and the blackbird I found. As usual, the flowers were a hit.

Lastly, sharing my screened porch and right now is very tropical since the humidity is 100% and it was 90 the other day. The screened porch is huge 18 x14--we had 1 tiny table from our very tiny deck previously and a portable picnic table from Marlboro--LOL! I put a vintage tablecloth on it to make it more homey. I'm going to wait until the season is over and get furniture clearanced. Serious money on outdoor furniture and I want the iron type with cushions.

Have a great week. It's a long one for me --work is extremely busy and will be till July. I'm grateful for the new job close to home but it's wearing on the brain. Off to put that suit on.
xo Kris

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  1. I am SO very sorry to hear you are under the weather!! I had a wonderful laugh though when I read your description of your husbands flu symptoms!!! It is SO true!! I guess that's why we have the babies.
    Morning sickness is easier than listening to a sick male any day!! (Well, except for son's. They get a free pass!) However I can usually get them up and moving by saying I am looking for the rectal thermometer. For some reason they get instantly better! :-)

    Your creations are just darling. Especially the little dark haired one! I hope you will be better soon too! Take good care! Jody


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