The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

Let's talk style

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

as you guys have read I moved into a new house at the beginning of March. I'm having a time getting my style here at the house. My previous house was 'eclectic clutter' with a known color scheme of cream, sage, beige/browns, and a splattering of vintage and cottage/romantic. Funny thing is I still have all the same furniture (let's better phrase antique and vintage hand me downs). The only new items is the couch and chair/ottoman. I totally changed my color scheme with them and I think that's what throwing me. It's a deep beautiful blue by Lane. It's deep and LONG-Little one, 2 dogs and I can lay down together. I looked and looked and looked-when I walked into a small local shop and she was sitting there with the matching chair in the coordinating pillow (flower tapestry one)-that's it! Totally unlike the neutral me. I left my floppy shabby beige one in the dust--it can't stand up to a toddler and dogs; it died a death after 7yrs--way to early for the LARGE price tag piece of furniture. So as you can see:

Its contemporary /classic style with the old fashioned big stud construction. My grandpa owned an upholstry business when I was growing up and that's what I remember best going in his building and hear the hammering of those studs in beautiful old antique furniture.
Which brings me to the kitchen (one of those kitchen/breakfast area/living room combos with the countertop eating area also)--it's a dream one you see on those HGTV shows but I miss my white kitchen, white appliances, and light countertops. I can't get used to the granite--it's dark brown with some creams, light browns, etc. The title backsplash is browns/tans/grays/copper like colors. The cabinetry is a nice light maple but for some reason they installed BLACK appliances--all nice top of the line stuff but black? So out goes this horrid sunflower walls and a nice grayish/tan color on the walls from Lowe's. It totally calmed down the whole downstairs area. I felt a tiny bit better and have received a whole lot of compliments from the family who saw it before. I saved that paint chip for 4 yrs! You can see a bit of it behind my tiny cottage corner here in the breakfast area.

For those that live in the South, I got these gorgeous creamy roses at a local supermarket, Publix! for 7.99! and appropriately called Cottage series. The sweet bottle and metal carrier I got at our local Pottery Barn for $19. Not bad for Pottery Barn.

This is the other corner of the breakfast area (the owner left these white hanging shelves perfect for plants due to being next to 4 windows)

So let's talk style--what's yours? Ideas to break down and soften that kitchen? I'll be back to talk about the dining room (formal); get some pics of the kitchen, and my horrid poop brown walls upstairs!

So this one followed me around; take my picture, TAKE MY PICTURE; CHEESE! How can you not love that? (okay--don't ask me after 8 hrs of that insistent chatter)

xo Kris

3 Sweet Thoughts:

  1. My style is sort of a shabby chic/beach cottage with out the shells. I love faded vintage aquas and blues and white when decorating.

    I love your wreath! Its gorgeous!

  2. What a lovely blog you have! Thanks so much for visiting me, and for your sweet comment. Your little one is just too darling! Look at all that lovely hair! Dylan was born 01/25/08 he is almost 2 1/2. I will visit again for sure. :) Cassandra

  3. Pretty blog! Cute baby girl!


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