The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I keep typing and not knowing what to say.... days, turned into weeks, and now months.  8 months to be exact.  People kept saying 'it will get better' and ' time heals all'.  At this point, the forever house is on the market, and little one and I plus my sweet pups will be moving - on and forward.  When those footsteps walked out that door not caring, abandoning everything including little one, it shut hard on our side. 

Breathing has been my main focus. Then one day not to long ago, instead of staring at my art craft room.  I stepped in.  Opened boxes and drawers.  Cleaned my workspace.  Lighted a candle.  Tiny swirls of creative mess happening. 

Just like that I started to heal.  I am not the same person I was 8 months ago.  Sadness still prevails-will that every go away?  Realizing that in the worst, I found out how strong I could be.  That reaching out and relying on friends and family is okay.
Here is Lucky doing her best to photo bomb
my picture of that Christmas sign
I made from recycled pallet wood. 

I have been working to fill my Etsy for the Holiday season.  But not to rush the season, I decided to decorate a bit for Fall.  I admit I was surprised to keep going to the sunflower yellow/mustard color but with the sparing few cents I had, I updated my farmhouse frame from last year with this new color combo, vintage music paper and bit of burlap/straw.
Added a new plant and some white pumpkins to my entryway, reviving my already owned items.
Then with our new 'tude', I splurged and bought this 'Jump in the Lake' original frame with a B&W photo from little one's first day of First Grade in August. 

 Its nowhere near over but as each day unfolds for our new life, routines, schedules, and moments develop for a new family album now in the process of being filled.
Closing with my first jump back in the creative bits, a tiny journal that I bought from my friend Cerri, that I painted and embellished with a handmade flower.  Beautiful.  That we are all beautiful.  A reminder that he can not take away my faith and hope, that beauty- caring, and kindness will endure and be stronger than that evil that he has within.   

Till next time, Kris

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  1. Hi Kris. I'm sorry to read what's been going. Stay strong!


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