The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

Lemons and Perfect Potato Soup

Monday, January 21, 2013

Lemons, yes. That is more than enough.  I can not make any more lemonade as the saying goes.   Laptop died, camera working half the time.  more and more the list goes on.  So what's that got to do with potato soup?  It just warms the insides...oh and so does my favorite coffee!

I can say positive that 10 weeks post major surgery I am finally back to walking on the treadmill and broke my 18min mile.  WHOOP!  My insides are back where they belong and the tissues removed where benign.  Yoga--no deep stretching yet still hurts where they really worked on my left side.

So when the stress level pops, I go to Starbucks--I prefer a good roast but today it was a Vanilla Spice Latte; grande please.  I need it.

then I eat.  What is it that suddenly I'm hungry for more carbs that can be discussed? which brings us to:

Ree Drummond's Perfect Potato Soup.  Yum, creamy and spicy with all the carb goodness.  Some homemade bakery bread called Sports Bread...hmm...that is what I was telling myself as I plunked down $4 for it.  (for the measure, its good whole wheat with lots of vitamins in it and really good with peanut butter).

Then little one said 'we have to have these cookies Mom'.  Didn't need much talking into for those :)  More Yum!  Love those open the package and pop in the oven sugar cookies.

Then I lit up my favorite candle from Folky Art Candles in Spiced Apple.  Love these soy wax candles.  They burn clean.  The vintage inspired labels are so pretty.  Mom made the crochet flower it is sitting on.  I bought that tray at Pier 1 on clearance and trying to decide if I want to leave as is or upcycle.  I don't have any red in my house.

So the Iphone pictures aren't too bad.  Little one and I decided it was a day to craft to de-stress some more.  I finally got some creative juices flowing and made this tag.  Soft and pretty for the upcoming Spring.

Vintage papers, coffee stained tag, upcycled some dryer sheets stained with ink for more texture, and some pretty ribbons.

So tell me what are your stress relievers? 

Off to Mom's be back soon with some more upcycled goodies.
Take care, Kris

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  1. I have had the flu for a week way too long... I always love a walk or a nice cup of tea for a stress relieve. Feel better~ Hugs, Diane


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