The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

Sharing my Space--Craft Studio Room

Sunday, September 18, 2011

As you read a couple of posts before, everything fell down a rabbit hole in June, today I finally finished this makeover update of my tiny craft room.  It's a spare bedroom, approximately 11 ft x 11 ft.  We moved into this house a little over a year ago.  So many projects that had to come first but in May I finally decided on my paint color, its Glidden color (but I used Behr paint), called Polished Pewter.  I LOVE it! It's more of a muted pewter lavender color, perfect French, romantic.  I really lightened this 'Before' picture as the color was a dark mustard.  I hope to eventually put hardwood floors throughout the top floor but it's almost 1,200 sf so that is definitely on the very long 'I Want' list.

I do not take many pictures of my home mainly due to not being able to photograph rooms well.  Also, as you will see my space for my art is much different than my everyday spaces.  We tend to have a French, farmhouse, eclectic mix.  Very much lived in with vintage and antiques spread throughout.  I favor lighter colors on the walls, with darker accents as accessories whether it be the furniture or decor pieces.  We live lean on the doo-dads, at first, as a necessity with a little one, and now I've become accustomed to less and tend to do vignettes in a space or two then randomly alter.  I tend to find something I like and there it will stay. 

I finally have opened the few boxes of items that I have been collecting for the past 5 years.
I've read numerous Where Woman Create and the Cloth/Paper Studio magazines for ideas, but in the end, I decided simple and clutter free as I tend to get nervous with to much 'stuff'.  Then I clean out like those hoarder shows :) Have you seen any of those?? Wow..

Entrance and Welcome!
I adore the sweet antique christening gown, the shabby white board is magnetic I've attached one of my favorite collages I made a few years ago.  I found that tin sign on clearance at Steinmart's years ago and never had a place to hang it, till now.

Straight ahead is the wall with my workspace, and then I set up an inspiration area for my little one with her own 'inspiration board'. 

My workspace is an antique buffet.  The story goes that my Dad found this black piece of furniture in my Grandma's barn in NY.  He is a woodworker at heart.  Took it home, cleaned that sweetie up, and there she is.  Over 90 years old and where it's from and the story well, it went with my Grandma, who unfortunately had Alzheimer's and now is gone.  My Mom put those Victorian knobs and pulls on and well, not so keen but I do not even know what would look good on it.

Look at that gorgeous detail!
Little one's special place, don't you love the Pom Pom art :) 

 Inspiration Board
It's definitely not the typical kind, its functional but it contains personal items that 'speak' to me.  Those flower wands are my Little's one's first birthday party favors. Pink and green!

Um, yes that is me and hubby at a very very early age, check out those acid washed jeans! and the Christmas Polaroid frame :)

I have 2 windows and right in the center is my one and only white bookcase, a Target metal frame, I actually love it due to its size and depth.  I prettied it up with vintage dresser scarfs and doilies.

On the other wall, the newest item is the altered farmhouse table that my Mom & Dad got me for my birthday in July.  Dad raised it to pub height with addition of dowels then I added some french ribbons.  This is my second workspace and my Dad also made my little one the step stool you see with handles.  She has to do 'art and crafts' with Mommy.  In the future, I will add some bar height chairs farm style one's.  Dad got this table at Walmart online!  It's perfect. 

Then because its a bedroom turned studio, I use the closet to organize.  I had an old jewelry hanging rack and since it was linen and the perfect color, I just accessorized it with my favorite tags and filled that sweet thing up.  Then I added a closet organizer shelving unit (from Home Depot) and the rest is history! Super bonus, the closet has french doors that I keep closed.

Last, I have to share my little one's latest work.  I am so in awe how she concentrates and selects her colors.  It's amazing watching that little mind grow.

I hope you enjoyed the visit into my little space.

Well, its conversion week for me at work as we were acquired some time ago but now are in transition.  I may need some relaxation by next weekend!  Have a wonderful week.  The weather has turned here and it's absolutely wonderful, that alone will keep my spirits up. 
Night all,

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  1. What a perfect wall color for such a pretty workspace!

  2. Hi Kris! Your work area is beautiful! I just love your inspiration board! I wish I was going with you to Tybee! I love that place! have fun!

  3. oh the friends we make doing link parties!!

    love your space !!!!

    ... please link back next time
    I would love that


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