The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life


Sunday, August 28, 2011

How are you?  Where to start?  Honestly, it's been a long trying summer along with being in excruciating pain.  I wish I could be more light hearted and say we did all these wonderful things but 9 weeks of pain, not being able to move your neck and shoulder, well, it plain stunk.

The pain has lessened and the past week and half I have been 85% human again, and it wasn't due to the specialists and doctors, it was due to my wonderful acupuncturist who prescribed homeopathic herbs and of course, acupuncture.  That is a whole other story, infertility related, and you are not here to listen to me about all that.  You can email me if you like to hear about my experience.  I've been seeing her for over 6 years.

In the end, its managable, although I will have days when I have to come home and just rest.  Learning to craft and work my art with the neck is going to be an issue, that is where the problem lays, my neck.  Its just natural to bend your neck when you work, look down at the paint, etc.  I'm open to suggestions.  Even sitting doing needlework you bend the neck! 

BUT, life moves forward.  I did my best with having an almost 4yr old.  Limitations will always be there now we know what it is.  I tried to capture the simple things we enjoyed.  Dripping popsicles, swimming in her little pool, bubbles, my beautiful flowers,

My sweet lab, who has been extremely nervous, the whole summer with me.  She never sits still but I caught her outside the door waiting/watching me.  I was trying hard to do something creative.

And then a few weeks ago, these 3 beautiful fawns were in our backyard.  I caught them through our screened porch.  So quiet, so still, and when they moved it was so graceful.  My dad gave us a salt lick to put back in the glade and those little one's were enjoying it.

Then last Monday, my little one started 4K kindergarten.  She was just estatic!  And what a drama poser.

 Aren't I cute?
 Wait, I need to wear my huge backpack stuffed to the BRIM with her loveys! Oh, and SHE picked it out.
CHEESE, or MONEY...Watch out world, here I come :)
For those that want to know, she is wearing a Bailey Boys jumper, handmade strawberry barrette, target shoes (we couldn't leave without them since they were pink!), Pottery Barn Kids backpack.

That's our summer. 
I hope your's was a sweet one full of memories even if they were everyday small moments. 
Thanks for reading.

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