The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

Sweet and Simple Halloween

Monday, September 13, 2010

Bang, down comes the big box of Halloween and Fall.  I had packed them away a year ago, one because of the lack of space and two as I knew we would be moving to a bigger house (specifically with a room for my 'stuff').  Sadly, a lot got smooshed by our movers (aka DH's friends) you know the one's that do it for free beer?!  So I have been happily putting out my Fall decor, which is my favorite time of year, and smiling as most of my Halloween tidbits survived. 

Having a 3 year old, I wanted sweet, simple, and a bit of vintage thrown in.  You don't realize that most of the Halloween items out there now are for adults until you have a terrified child! I took my little one to Michael's and she got scared over the crackling, howling, and sinister looking decor.

Cracking open that box (oh, wait that should be plural with groans from the DH), I forgot about all the vintage looking scrapbook items I had picked up year over year.  Now I have space to keep my goodies out or organized without putting in the attic for a year. 

I made this little collage with my little one in mind.  It has vintage paper, scrapbook paper that had a vintage feel, rub-on's behind the goofy ghost, and a sweet glittered pumpkin Boo with a cute hang tag dangling off for some extra fun for her.

She said is that for me? Yes, and it will hang sweetly off your door for the season.

This vintage inspired collage below is in my favorite, black and white color scheme, and with sweet black glittered cats, and the piece I've been so wanting to use in a project for so long now, the fluffy feathers! I just adore this piece using scrapbook paper with a vintage feel, vintage inspired images, vintage flowers and vintage earring bob, and my new favorite love, stamping. It's so simple with a slight elegant air.

Hope you enjoy.  I have a few more projects to share soon. 

1 Sweet Thoughts:

  1. You know, I think it's kinda crazy all the really yucky Halloween stuff that they have in stores. Having a child that was/is very sensitive to that kind of thing, I was always irritated at how gory everything was in regular stores. your cute Halloween things you have made!
    Happy fall, right? Finally we should have a break from the crazy heat we've had this summer!
    xoxo, Cerri


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