The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

The journey in creating and finding the beauty in Life

Time is flying by

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wow, I can't believe its the last week of July already. The past month has been quick and busy. Work is non stop and with it blistering hot this month, a lot of indoor activity. This is what has been happening the last couple of weeks
Yesterday and today since it's 105 out-Devyn and I spent some quality crafting time :)
Bead necklaces! I found these chunky beads at Michaels perfect for her little chubby 3yr old hands.
Look how intent and focused she is! Bestill my art loving heart :) She gets SO Excited when I break out new crafty ideas and supplies.
My sweet Cookie looking on forlornly. She is detesting this weather immensely with all her furry heavy coat of hair.
Beads a few days before; the above picture shows her much needed haircut into a sweet bob.

Her first day of preschool starts in 3 weeks! Can you believe school is starting already. I ordered this sooo cute skirt for her first day from Etsy. How cute is that! With a sweet little red shirt and sandals --awhh, scrapbooking the first day will be bittersweet.

I celebrated a birthday; I've decided I would either be 38 or 40 from now on since I was pregnant at 39! I woke up to see this from Devyn and DH along with a gift card to Starbucks (my very bad habit) which is a short walk from my office downtown.
Aren't they absolutely stunning image of late summer? I LOVE non traditional arrangements and he always buys from the same lady at Twigs in Greenville. Roses are beautiful but I so love the natural arrangements they do.

I received my Crown from Rochelle and what a BEAUTY! See the crown I sent for the swap below post. I LOVE it so much and the handmade necklace is gorgeous! Thank you so much Rochelle. The colors are so me and can't wait to showcase it in my cave called my craft room which I'm rearranging and looks like a ribbon and paper bomb went off! LOL

This is the vintage hatbox it came in--I am sooo putting that way up high so grubby toddler hands do not touch this sweet box.

Sorry the pictures are so dark; the weather is so hot and cloudy no matter how many lights I use its just miserable.

I refinished an old TV cabinet my Dad converted years ago (remember those TV's that were furniture in itself?) He removed the TV gunk and added a shelf and doors-gee, I guess it was when I was a tween. I inherited it when I moved into my first apartment--it was that old brown color, so I painted it a shabby white. I am looking for vintage glass knobs to replace the current one's. It's going back in my bedroom as a side table.

FINALLY painted my bedroom which happens to be huge for some reason and found a gorgeous soft grey color from Sherwin Williams called Fleur De Sel. This is what they say this color palette Soft and Sheer is: This is a classic collection of tender whites and lights. Slightly feminine, and reminiscent of antique linen and vintage lace. This reserved Soft and Sheer palette is both subtle and evocative. These colors don’t need to scream their importance, instead they rely on the power of gentle harmony to create a wonderful calming magic. Can you picture bed sheets blowing gently on the clothesline in the warm summer breeze? Relax into the softness...

Did you seriously not think I would buy it from that!? Another bestill my vintage/romantic heart! I haven't decided on Twinkle or Evening Shadow for my attached master bath. I want to re-do with new countertop --marble would be beautiful with this palette. To many other wants for our new old house before that.

What have you been up too this summer?

As August blooms shortly, my mind is moving to early Fall, Halloween, and Christmas. I'm ready for cooler weather, sunny and bright days with that hint of crispness, apples, mums, and my sweet little's one 3rd birthday in early October. This summer has been way to hot to enjoy so mentally as the Web and catalogs (the Pottery Barn one just came is just filled with some great ideas) come rolling in this past week with all the Fall goodies you can't help but start to be nostalgic for the season that is my absolute favorite. Oh, including some college football too :)

Till then, Kris

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